Our Guarantee

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site to learn more about Lead Premier. First and foremost, we want you to know that we understand your concerns with investing money into web development and online marketing. There are many so-called SEO companies out there that promise the world but deliver very little in return. This can be frustrating for you as well as us because it harms the internet industry.


That’s why we don’t offer flat rate “packages” and demand money up front for development services. All of our independent contractors work hourly and you can hire or fire us at will. All work is documented, backed up and owned by You which makes it easy to bring on other developers if necessary to your project.


Also, our team of developers are not your average “Website Designer” who learned how to make pretty graphics and have no idea what it takes to navigate the shark infested waters that we call internet marketing. Our personal sites pull in millions of hits per month and are ranked for some of the most competitive keywords.


We don’t offer guarantees for 1st Position on Google because only Google can guarantee those results. There are many factors that dictate which websites rank 1st on Google and no exact formula that works. Different industries and keyword phrases have varying degrees of search volumes and competition. One thing you can count on, our experts at LeadPremier know what Google requires and will make sure your site is optimized to its highest potential.


What we do guarantee, is that we will treat your online business as if it were our own. We want you to succeed which is why we offer transparent documentation of all work completed every single day. You can review the work, and if you’re not satisfied you can stop hiring us. With our business model, the freelancer is paid for every hour that is invested and the company is rewarded with quality work at a cheaper price.


If you’re looking for one-on-one dedicated, technical support in your endeavors; then, look no further because we have what it takes to get you there. No more paying companies with 100s of clients and no time to work on your project. Pay us hourly, in house or remotely, with NO MINIMUM hours on accepted projects. If it takes 30 minutes to do the work requested, then you pay for 1/2 hour!